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1. The Search is a joint undertaking between the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. and the Rotary Club of New Manila East in partnership with the Philippine National Police and PSBank.

2. What makes the Search different from other competition is its emphasis on Community Policing. The organizers of the competition strongly believe that maintaining peace and order is a shared responsibility between the police and the community they serve. This means that the police should know the members of the community and have earned their respect in order to seek their assistance in identifying possible suspects to a crime, while at the same time, the community is impassioned enough to take an active role in assisting and working with the police force in order to ensure the peace.

3. The Search seeks to honor the men and women of the police force who share this view and have actively implemented programs that allows for and motivates the community to become partners in ensuring peace and order.

4. While the emphasis is on community partnership, this does not mean that only policemen and women assigned to police-relations have a chance of winning in the competition or that it is only open for police officers assigned in Police-Community relations. As a matter of fact, based on our records, only 11 out of the 50 or roughly 20% of the awardees were actually assigned in Police-Community Relations.

5. What is important is that in one form or another, the policeman or woman is able to encourage or mobilize the community in the task of maintaining peace and order. This could include actions that involve setting up intelligence networks within the community or something as simple as conducting regular meetings with private sector organizations.


6. Since 1993, the Metrobank Foundation has provided support to programs benefiting dependents of uniformed personnel of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, in recognition of their invaluable role in nation building. This support took the form of grants that benefited primarily the Philippine National Police.

7. In 1999, the Metrobank Foundation set-up an endowment fund of Ten Million Pesos specifically for the recognition of outstanding policemen. Using the technology and experience it has gained in the conduct of the Search for Outstanding Teachers, the Foundation decided to recognize selected individuals who have excelled among the ranks of the police force, highlight¬-ing their achievements and promoting them as models that would hopefully bring back public confidence and respect to the PNP.

8. In the same year, the Metrobank Foundation partnered with the Philippine Jaycees for the conduct of The Outstanding Policemen of the Philippines (TOPP). In the following year, The Metrobank Foundation, with the full support and in coordination with the Philippine Jaycees, revised the selection and the slot allocation for the TOPP. From a one-year achievement award, the TOPP award now recognizes the entire career of the public officer. The partnership lasted for three years and produced 30 winners.

9. At the same time, the Rotary Club of New Manila East established the Best Community Oriented Policemen (COP) Award in recognition of the important role of the vocational and community service component of police work in pursuit of peace and order. Starting as an award for policemen in Metro Manila in 1998, the competition was expanded nationwide, garnering the support of the PNP, particularly the Directorate for Police Community relations, and other community shareholders as well.

10. Today, it has become apparent that the usual police action no longer suffices. More and more, the need for the police to work with the community becomes ever more apparent. The Philippine National Police itself launched a program that addresses this particular concern. Under the “Organizational Development, Neighborhood Mobilization, and Continuing Education (ONE)” Program of the PNP, community involvement was affirmed as a vital component of police work.

11. With the emphasis shifting to community involvement, the RCNME began looking for partners that would help support and further develop their award program. Sharing in the vision and objectives of both the RCNME and the PNP, the Metrobank Foundation began exploratory talks with the RCNME in 2001. The following year, the partnership between RCNME, Metrobank Foundation and the PNP was formalized with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement that outlined the parameters of the tri-partite partnership for the Search for the Country’s Outstanding Policemen in Service or COPS.

12. Since 2003, the Search has recognized over fifty members of the PNP coming from the various regions of the country. Twenty (20) of them are Commissioned Officers and thirty (30) are Non-Commissioned Officers.


13. The competition has 3 basic objectives:
a. To honor the gallant men and women in the police force for their consistent outstanding contributions in preventing and solving crime through community work and mobilization
b. To emphasize the need to situate the punitive aspect of law enforcement with the task of community relations
c. To help promote that police work is a shared responsibility between the policeman and the community


14. Mention that over the years of partnership, the Rotary Club of New Manila East and the Metrobank Foundation in further consultation with the PNP have further refined the Search to make it more responsive to the current situation.

15. The COPS award is now a career service award given to the police force. Four winners will be chosen for the Police Commissioned Officer and six will be chosen under the Police Non-Commissioned Officer.


16. Our Chairman, Dr. George S.K. Ty, has recently announced that in 2008, the Metrobank Foundation will again increase the cash prize to Php 250,000 for each winner. This comes right after a recent increase of Php 200,000 in 2007. Aside from the cash prize, each winner will also receive a trophy courtesy of Metrobank Foundation. The non-winning finalists, on the other hand, will receive a Php 20,000 as financial incentive.

17. Given this announcement, we are presently proposing that Php 25,000 of the cash prize will be given instead to the unit where the awardee is assigned. This means that the winner would actually be receiving Php 225,000.

18. If approved, the Php 25,000 will only be released upon submission of a proposal from the awardees’ unit. It is suggested that the amount be used only for any of the following:
a. Purchase of office equipment
b. Fund support for a project that would benefit military-community relations
c. Funding support for the training program of members of the unit


19. The prospective nominee must meet all of the minimum qualifying requirements:
a. Must have been active in the service for at least seven consecutive years;

b. For Commissioned Officers category, nominees should have the rank of Inspector to Superintendent at the time of the submission of the nomination form and documents. Those with the rank of Superintendent must not be endorsed for promotion to the next higher rank at the time of his/her nomination;

c. For Non-Commissioned Officers category, nominees should have the rank of PO1 to SPO4 at the time of the submission of the nomination form and documents. PNCOs should not be endorsed or candidates for promotion to PCO at the time of his/her nomination;

d. For PCO nominees who were previously PNCOs, he/she should have served at least 2 years as a PCO before becoming eligible to join the PCO Category;

e. The nominee must be of good moral character;

f. The nominee must not have been adjudged guilty/liable in any administrative or criminal case;

g. The nominee must not have been charged under a criminal information pending in court or must not have a pending administrative charge given due course by any government administrative body;

h. Those who have been Finalists of the competition two consecutive times shall be requested to have a rest year before becoming eligible to join again;

i. Nominees need not be Rotary Club members nor depositors of Metrobank in order to join.


20. For the Metrobank Foundation, Rotary Club of New Manila East and PSBank, the ideal policeman is one who:
a. Uphold the rule of law
b. Advance themselves through trainings/studies
c. Be aware of current events
d. Respect human rights, has an untainted record, and no pending administrative or criminal charge
e. Be highly skilled in their assignment
f. Believe in mobilizing the community for the prevention and solution of crime
g. Be a model citizen
h. Be respected by their peers
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